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How to Update Your Translation

For those of you wondering, here’s a quick tutorial on how to update your translation when we put up a new POT file.

K2 1.0.2

As promised, here is the first point-update of our 1.0 release. It’s 1.0.2 rather than 1.0.1, as that version number was spent getting K2 up to spec for the official WordPress Themes repository, where you’ll also be able to find K2 from now on (we got some great feedback from those guys by the way, so thank you for that).

The revision number for this version is 932, and here’s the changelist:

  • Translation files (.mo) are now read from /languages/ in preparation for 1.1.
  • Fixed has_post_thumbnail checking to improve compatibility with WordPress 2.8.
  • Removed a couple of pure database calls in favor of core WP functions.
  • Fixed rolling archives navigation showing atop of Lightbox.
  • Updated a couple of translation strings.
  • Fixed size of edit link in ping- and trackbacklist.
  • Fixed #855: Absolute instead of relative links for WordPress’ theme editor.
  • Escaped API updates.
  • Fixed livesearch icons showing on initial load on IE8.
  • Hide certain unneeded navigation elements when rolling archives are active.
  • Cleaned up livesearch JS.
  • Various CSS updates.
  • Made pages accept normal comment/pingback links.
  • Top menu handles too many items more elegantly.
  • Added support for automatic feed links.

Meanwhile we’re already up to six translation in our new i18n repo, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish and Turkish (Update: And now also Latvian and German), and I couldn’t be more thrilled. But the more the merrier, so get in touch if you’d like to do a translation for K2.

Now skip on over and download 1.0.2.

Sprechen Sie K2?

With 1.0 behind us and 1.0.1 coming up shortly, we’re eyeing 1.1 which will see us focussing on getting our translation ducks in a row.

First up is a new guide on how to use and create translations for those of you thinking about getting your feet wet.

Furthermore we’ve created a new i18n repository which we’ll open for those wanting to submit and maintain translations. Those translations in turn will find their way into the 1.1 release and become a part of K2 from here on out.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try and get in touch with as many of the previous translators as we can, and start filling up the i18n repository with 1.0 translations.

Questions? Comments? You know where to reach us.

Happy new year.