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Missing K2′s SBM?

Since K2 no longer ships with the SideBar Manager, the remnants of which allowed you to specify on which pages a widget would, or wouldn’t, appear, there have been some questions on how to retain the functionality. I suggest Display Widgets, which is a neat and tidy implementation of that exact same idea.

Post Thumbnail Images in K2

Mark has a thorough writeup on a new feature in WordPress 2.9 called post thumbnail images. Good news is, K2 1.0 comes built-in support out of the non-existing box.

Nightly: Page Templates

The recent nightly builds did away with the page template: Default Template w. Comments. Their features have been consolidated into the default page/single template and can be activated through the use of Custom Fields.

To show comments in a page, add a new custom field with the name: comments and value: 1 (or on or yes, the value doesn’t matter).

To hide the sidebar in a page or a single post, add a new custom field with the name: sidebarless and value: 1 (or on or yes, the value doesn’t matter). You will now get a wide appearance without the sidebar when viewing the page or single post.

Fixed Positioning for Rolling Archives

As per revision 513, once you’ve started digging into the archives on a site using rolling archives, and you scroll down, the rolling archives navigation strip attaches itself to the top of the page (try it here). This should remove the frustration of skimming through the archive pages and constantly having to go back to the top when you wanted to flip to the next page.

It might be interesting for those of you who plan to style to know just how this works. Well, it’s quite simple; when you scroll, a piece of javascript checks if the top of the ‘#dynamic-content’ container–which is where the content of your blog is kept–is being scrolled out of view. If it is, the class ‘fixraposition’ is added to BODY. The rest is CSS in css/rollingarchives.css.

I haven’t tested this in IE yet, but in all likelihood it doesn’t work. But then, what does?

Now Larger Non-Latin Fonts

A slew of minor updates have trickled into SVN lately (changelog), though I felt it was worth highlighting one in particular, which Steve just checked in. Namely the fix to the longstanding Issue 11. To make font-sizes larger for certain languages. If you’re up for lending us a hand and you use Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Hindi, Cambodian, Korean, Japanese, Thai or Chinese character sets, grab the latest copy of K2 off of SVN and let us know if it looks alright (as usual, do not use this in a ‘production environment’).