K2 1.0.3

This release contains only a single extremely minor fix to a relatively rare but highly annoying problem concerning long titles wrapping around in the navigation area of permalinks, causing the headlines to be dislocated.

PS: I’ve set up K2 on Twitter, as that seems to be what all the youngsters are raving about these days.

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  • 1.0.3 ZIP-file doesn’t have the “k2” folder, so it extracts everything directly into “themes” folder root.

  • Oh, and we have garble issues with proper typography (those are Unicode symbols I’m typing).

  • does this 1.3 include the new widget placement? or is that still reserved for nightlies until it is more stable i assume. Ive added the k2 twitter to my follows on my twitter account :)

  • great work, thanks allot

  • many many thanks

  • Thanks dude!

  • Will it be long before this fix goes into the nightlies too?

  • Oh the nightlies are way past this.

  • Lots of great stuff in the nightlies, thanks.
    Thrilled to see it, and the results are looking good, especially the menu.
    But it looks to me like this little extra 1.0.3 fix about the navigation and the permalink post title is not in 992 yet. Twice I have deleted and reloaded the 992 version, and this problem remains.
    Be this one of the dragons in the nightlies that we have to watch out for, then?

  • Oh there are far larger and more devious dragons abound in the wastes of the nightlies; in particular with regards to rolling archives and live search.

    But I’ll be sure to add the 1.0.3 fix to svn asap.

  • Thank you!

  • maybe it’s because I’m running it locally on my mac, but v1.0.3 isn’t recognized by WordPress on the “manage themes” page. version 1.0 works fine.

  • Great Job!

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