Monthly Archive for January, 2007

r291 Ditches WordPress 2.0

With revision 291, K2 no longer supports WordPress 2.0. We’ll judge demand for a bugfixed v0.9.5. If it’s wanted badly enough we’ll do a branched version of r290 and fix bugs on that for a v0.9.5 final, otherwise we’ll move directly into 1.0. Let us know.

K2 v0.95 Release Candidate

Alright, here it is. The WordPress 2.1 compatible version of K2. We hope you’ll help us test it to make sure that it is ready for prime time. As always, please use the issue tracker to let us know of bugs and such.

Version 0.95 will be the last version supporting WordPress below 2.1. After this we’ll rip out all the ‘legacy’ stuff and focus on getting a 1.0 final out there in the wild.

Update: Steve wrote a guide to updating your K2 installation from v0.91.

Updated Options Page

K2 Options

This is the latest and probably nearly last version of the K2 options page. It took me long enough to finally get around to cleaning up our options page, which quite frankly had just been added to since we started out.

K2 users will note the absence of the ‘K2 Header’ tab. It’s gone. Dead. Along with most of the options that page contained. Instead there is now a Custom Header section on the main options page, which contains only the most vital header options. I decided, in the light of all discarded options being possible purely through CSS, to cut to the bone.

Click the above screenshot for some notes on the various sections.