Monthly Archive for December, 2006


Well, we didn’t quite manage to reach 1.0 in 2006, but we are nonetheless still pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished with K2 in the course of the year. Not only did K2 move from my personal blog to this, it’s own domain (which according to Technorati, currently has more incoming links than my blog). But we also moved our subversion repository and bug tracker over onto a combined project space at Google’s Code Hosting, which we have so far been very happy with, and which we will utilize even more in the year to come.

That, and then we of course got our new forums up and running, through a fantastically fast donation drive. And I honestly can’t tell you how happy I am with the helpful attitude and self-sustenance of the people who keep it afloat. And the same of course, goes out to the people who not only let us know of bugs through the issue tracker, but even go so far as to supply us with the fixes as well. What more could we possibly ask for?

So what’s up for 2007? Well, WordPress 2.1 is currently in alpha, and we’re expecting it to be released sometime early next year. And we are of course already busy making sure K2 is ready for it.

A revamp of the options pages is underway, hopefully making the administration efforts for K2 as effortless as we’ve always intended them to be. We’re currently spread out over three different options pages, with a slew of minor options which offer little more than confusion. All of that will soon see some changes, as well as an overhaul of the admin for our sidebar modules system.

Furthermore, several improvements have been, and are being made to the navigation system, and we hope to have it up to its full potential early into the new year.

This, combined with the fact that K2 has been localized into at least ten different languages, including Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Finnish and many more. As well as having left a whole slew of styles and mods in its trail, we think, makes K2 the best damn template out there.

But we are lacking in one very important aspect still, and that’s documentation.

All the cleverness we have painstakingly poured into K2 is largely wasted if we don’t help non-1337 users understand what it is capable of. Despite its ‘complexity’, K2 is nonetheless about empowering the users, and that’s my main mission for K2 in 2007.

But more about all of this in the new year. For now I hope K2 has helped you somehow in the past year, and even more so, I hope you’ve had the surplus time and energy to help out K2 in return.

Finally I’d like to thank my fellow K2 developers, Chris, Zeo, Steve and Ben, all of whom have been instrumental in the creation and maintainance of K2. Without them, all of my code-garbage would be allowed to flourish unhindered.

Thanks guys!

From all of us here, have a safe and happy New Years.

Heads Up. Slider ID’s Change

I’ve made a change to the ID’s of the RA and Trimmer sliders. The changes are mostly for semantics sake, but have been made because I finally found out why our sliders weren’t ‘clickable’.

So for those of you with custom sliders, be aware that when you upgrade, either via the next official update or via SVN, .pagetrackend is gone, so as to make .pagetrackhandle a direct child of .pagetrack.

In turn .pagetrack has now gotten a new parent, called .pagetrackwrap, which ensures that you will still be able to style the slider for variable width pages.

The javascript controlling the slider hasn’t changed, it still only cares about .pagetrack and .pagetrackhandle.

This makes the slider composition look like this:

<div id="pagetrackwrap"><div id="pagetrack"><div id="pagehandle"> </div></div></div>

If this makes no sense to you, you’re probably no affected.