K2 0.9 Release

This release of K2 has been cleansed of all the bugs we know about. As such we consider this a ‘stable release’, which will go on to replace the ancient r167 release which has been doing the rounds for quite some time (and which is quite buggy actually). It is r113 in he current Subversion repository.

We will update this release with any necessary bug fixes on its own tag in our repository to keep it stable, while we move towards 1.0

The task now falls to you, our dear beloved user, to guide our hand to the chinks in its armor. There is bound to be something wrong somewhere, and we’d like nothing better than to carve it out and replace it with working parts.

This goes for everything from failing functionality to usability stupidity to ‘ticks’ and other minuscule oddness. The Issues database has a range of issues for milestone 1.0, please skim through those before you submit anything new.

Now please go download K2 0.9 and discuss away.

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