K2 on Google Code

A few days ago Google launched Google Code Hosting, which features a subversion repository integrated with a bug tracker in a tight little package. For K2 we have so far been using a locally hosted subversion repository as well as a separate bug tracker (Mantis). And while both have worked quite well for our purposes, managing both is a hassle for various reasons.

So while it will set our revision history back to square one (or r1 as it were) and we have had to manually transfer our bug database, it seems to be a good decision in the long run to move K2 onto Google Code. So we’ve done that.

So from now on, you will find both the bug tracker and the subversion repository (which is a few revisions newer than the old repository, including support for allowing comment authors to edit their own comments after posting them) at our new kaytwo project home.

Therefor, from this day forth, please use the new bug tracker, which requires you to have a Google Account. I will see about closing the old one down for new bugs, but regardless we will be working from the new one.

All this means there may be some disruption in building the nightlies, and possibly some confusing when talking about revision numbers, we’ll do what we can to make it work out as smoothly as possible.

Version Numbers

Related to this we have set up some new version numbers in the issue tracker. They are fairly self-explanatory, but here goes:

  • 0.9: No bugs release. A stable release of K2 with no known bugs.
  • 1.0: Final release. K2 working as advertised.
  • 1.5: Next major release. Major new features are relegated to this.

Comments, question and discussion about this move goes into this forum thread.

PS: I’m updating the Wiki with a list of plugins support out of the box.

PPS: Wondering about the name? Google Code doesn’t allow for two-letter project names. It is still called K2 for all intents and purposes.

Update: The old issues have now all been moved to the new bugtracker.