K2 Navigation System

I made a mockup of a navigation system for K2 a while back, and I’m hoping I can get around to implementing it soon. In the meantime, I’ve had several inquiries into how it’s supposed to work. So I annotated the flickr screenshot with notes, and you can click the image here to go there and check it out. Any suggestions and questions are welcome.

K2 Navigation System

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  • Very nice Michael. I think this would be a great addition to K2; the drop-down lists for navigating archives will become most important once folk have several years of archives (that would otherwise make for a lengthy sidebar list). A show/hide toggle will no doubt appeal to the minimalists. The tag drop-down (follow the annotated link) is just awesome. Would your envisage incorporating site preferences within this area too?

  • Preferences probably wouldn’t be in this area, but somewhere else.

  • Hi Michael,

    it’s a bit offtopic, but how did you generate the blog entry with the random words? I was searching around for hours, but didn’t found anything. Is this a plugin?

    Thanks for your info. With kind regards, Jan.

  • i posted this at the forums but i thought i’d repost it here too since commenting is back on…

    let the down button openup a section called a “drop-down area”. hence the Widgets Plugin will show TWO “sidebar areas”… or, in K2 options you can have selection to show the drop-down and/or the sidebar (also sidebar left/right and drop-down-area top/bottom?) i think these will make it very customizable… then your postlength/month/category/tag/livesearch stuff can be made into widgets?

    a huge idea i know but cuz i see many bloggers have split their themes into sidebarless or not and fat footer or not. so this would solve both needs without having to make an entirely new variant of K2… wadya guys think?

  • If you are going to do some image transparency, think of the old outdated browsers.

  • transparency for the navigation pane? That would be a nice touch altho i think when the down button pushed the pane drops down and the whole content area below is pushed down further… that would be better… or transparency like in the livesearch results?

  • looks good, I cant wait to play with it.

  • the long and tireless wait that now follows!

  • Any idea when this will be released? I’m definitely look forward to it, it looks really hot!

  • This is really awesome. I had a question though. Does the navigation panel drop down on clicking some sort of an icon/arrow on the blog button or is it ever present on all pages.

  • Jeah! I cant wait it. I hope that i can get it soon, but now I have to download newest version of that wonderful K2-theme. Sorry, if my english sounds like horrible, but Im from Finland, and my english number is “only” 8, what means Good. Well, now I have to stop this speaking, and speaking. Bye! :D How can i get my Gravatar to this comment? :O Im just noob. :)

  • What plugin do you use to have your date formatted that way? I’ve been trying to find it everywhere but I can’t find it.

  • is it already included in nightly builds or have still some time waiting in front of us

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