Monthly Archive for May, 2006

K2 Back On Track

K2′s been on a minor hiatus, which you may have noticed due to the lack of updates to the SVN. I finally picked up my text editor again this weekend and got around to tweaking some of the code here and there. Currently my main goal is to get rolling archives and livesearch to work together as well as implement this old navigation system mockup. It’ll take a good deal of effort from me though, so I can’t promise a date for its completion.

In other good news, I asked Steve Lam if he would be interested in coming on board to help us out, since he’s always improving out stuff on the side anyway. So expect to see him throwing some stuff on the SVN in the near future.

Other than that, the bug tracker and forums is still where you get in touch with us, depending on what you need of course.

PS: We won’t carry comments on this blog from this point forward, since they always end up in spam and support fests anyway.