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The Automattic guys have released their Widgets Plugin, which thanks to Matt is already support in K2.

It’s been a while since our last release, which means you’ll have to get it out of SVN if you’d like to play around with it. Hopefully we’ll have a new release for you soon.

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  • Ow ! I m gonna test it today .. :D … Seems interesting ..

  • this sounds neat, a lot of my links go in the sidebar. I hope they transverse skins. that would be neat.

  • this is awesome, gonna tryout on the original Kubrick first to see how it works…

  • “Hopefully we’ll have a new release for you soon”

    How soon? :)

  • excellent. It’s just too bad I’ve gone to a single column design

  • I like this theme however the Sidebar Plugin for K2 doesn’t work correctly i have been looking things over and it just doesn’t want to support it properly.

    Any idea’s on when it will be supported completly ?

  • Yes this widgetstuff is really good work. Now Itry to ask all coders for a plugin, that I´ve never seen. Maybe you can make it real. I mean a plugin, that allows a blogmember to invite friends to blog on his blog. This is very good for blogs with more authors than one, don´t you think? Somewhere in the adminpanel of wordpress a little field ,where a blogmember cann add an emailadress of his friend, then he can send an invitation to this friend. The Friend receive a link where he can register in the blog, whoch invites him.
    This is a good solution for blogs, which don´t like registering from every user, that likes to register. Take a second to think about it. Thank you…and now I´m going to check, how I can get the SVN.

  • Sweet! Time to start making widgets for K2!

  • So what do we need now?

    - A Livesearch widget
    - RSS icons for the latest entries/comments widgets
    - A Brian’s latest comments widget
    - Better formatting for the links widget (I don’t want a dotted list of my link sections and some space between them)

    Once this (or most of this) is available I will switch over. Makes sidebar “modding” much easier, great concept.

  • I put the required code in the sidebar and functions files, but couldn’t be bothered to make the changes to get the visuals right.
    Has anyone got the right code?

    Or better, a new release…?

  • Anyone know the best way to check the latest version out of SVN? I went to getk2.com/svn, but it looks like a manual cut-and-paste effort. Is there, say, a nightly build where I can just download the tarball?

    Also, can someone weigh in on how “dangerous” the SVN version is? Are we talking serious breakage here? I’m running Beta 2 r167 over at newarker.info, and I’m having small layout issues with IE, so I figured it couldn’t be THAT much worse. ;-)

    Thanks Michael, Chris and Zeo for all the hard work. I was able to get my blog up, running, and looking great with only a few clicks with your theme. I’m looking forward to clicking-and-dragging my way to further customization!

  • Using the svn is relatively safe. If something’s broken, it usually gets fix pretty quickly. You need to download a svn client. You can try using: Subcommander

  • @Thomas: how about a “Related Posts” widget? a “FlickrRSS” widget too?

  • I’m new to the whole blogging idea, but I’ve started with WordPress and K2 as my starting points.
    I think they’re both great! I’m not quite ready to dabble with the SVN so I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next release as I’m looking forward to using the widgets with my K2 style.

    Thanks for all the great work! :)

  • Please use the K2 support forums for questions! :)

    Widget requests:
    I’d also suggest going to the K2 forums for these kinds of requests. However, I think that you really want to post these kinds of requests to a larger audience, like at the official WordPress forums, because that is where most of the plugin authors will look.

  • Thanks for the great wordpress theme guys! It’s excellent! I even managed to get widgets working with it!

    I noticed that you have a nice little page slider at the top of your blog. Is that a widget or a plugin of some sort? I tried looking in the wordpress plugin libraries etc, but couldn’t find it. I would like to use something like that on my blog. Is that available as a plugin somewhere, or just something create to set your site apart from the rest?

  • It’s in the next version that is currently in development. Not in 167 yet.

  • How frequently are new versions of K2 released?

    I’m new to all this but I find WordPress and K2 to be two brilliant pieces of software! :)
    Bit embarresing, but I’ve been checking this page about 10 times a day to see if there’s been an updated version released >

  • Widgets rule. So does K2. Soon, my blog will have both. And of course, I’d like to thank, the little people, who are actually, not so little, and much bigger than myself. Thanks for an awesome theme, and long live widgets.

  • Nice post. The widgets are very useful!

  • Yeah, these are pretty cool

  • i installed it but the widgets option did not show up on the theme. am i doing something wrong. as far as i know this theme supports widgest.

    nice job btw

  • Will you release another revision soon? I’m hoping for that!
    Living in the shadow of everchanging Beta makes me nervous.
    A good recent release would be something I’d welcome.
    Thanks for all your work on this guys.


  • gr8 theme.i will try out this theme soon .now wid widgets so more cool

  • I have K2 and the widgets plugin installed, but I do not get the widgets option in the presentation menu like it said there would be. Is this a known bug, if so how can I fix it.. Thanks!


  • I have K2 (beta 2) and installed and activated the Widget plugin. But I don’t see anything working. Plz help

  • This is not a support forum. Plz go to the forums.

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