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Recently there was an incident on the WordPress Support forums, where a K2 user asked the broader WordPress community for an assist with a problem that person was having. This request was met with a less than amiable response, which in turn led me to seek out the WordPress Support Maven, Podz to discuss what had happened, and more importantly what we could do to ensure future exchanges will be much more positive.

Podz and I had a lengthy discussion where we each voiced our concerns and hopes for the future; in this conversation we came to some basic conclusions:

  • K2 is much more than your average theme, it is a mod (as Mike and I labeled it almost from the beginning) and as such is probably not the easiest theme for a new user to try and online viagra install. We are always doing our best to make it a simple, easy process. Currently however, the code is in beta, which means bugs and changes.
  • Currently the support personnel over at the WordPress Support Forums are not adequately equipped to support K2 users, which is no fault of their own. Rather, the people who are familiar enough with K2 to offer real support are going to be here on our forums.
  • Historically and for various reasons the support for Kubrick (before it was integrated with WordPress that is) as well as K2 has been moved away from the WordPress forums. While this has brought about a pool of indepth knowledge for K2 it has had the effect of reducing the spread of that knowledge in the forums. This is unfortunate, but a fact of life. We must make a concerted effort to move past this, for the benefit of both K2, and WordPress.

The Good News

Thankfully each of these points, are easy to address; in fact they are actively being addressed right now. What we would like to see happen would be the following:

  • We here on the K2 support forums field not only support questions for K2, but also we try and answer any WordPress related questions when they come up, instead of simply telling them to check the WordPress Support forums. If we expect Podz and crew to help us, then we must be willing to reciprocate and help them; it is only fair. For this purpose, we set up a WordPress-specific set of forums when we first launched
  • Those of us who are confident in our K2-foo should try and participate in the K2-related threads on the WordPress Forums. This will allow for people to be helped, and the support personnel over there to get up to speed much faster.
  • People on both sides should remember that we are one big community, not two warring factions.

So yeah, that’s it for now. Let us know (as always in a civil tone) what you think/how you feel in the comments.cipro generic

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  • First I would like to say that the support forum here at seems to working absolutely perfect. Fast and serious responses to the enquiries made.

    That said, I’m a bit concerned about same thing as Chris mentions here, that there’ll be a small elite of people who’re sitting on all the know-how. As a result I for one, hope that the wiki will be expanded more and that some of the threads in the forum will find their way into the wiki as good and solid documentation on the K2 extension. The goal should be a wiki that is as extensive and good as the WordPress-wiki (although that’s a long road).

  • I agree that the Wiki is a great step forward, but I, for one, find that wiki incredibly difficult to wrap my head around. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a complete wiki-noob when it comes to creating and editting my own content, but I find the whole idea to be counter-intuitive.

  • And by the way, what kind of moderating is this?

    Certainly seems to me like they want to make absolutely no effort to help out people looking for help with K2. Not only are they not giving the help, they are barring any help from other WordPress forum goers by closing the topic.

  • I think people with help with wordpress goes to wordpress and k2 go to k2 forums. That way no people would collide with each other. Why can’t we have some peace in this world. and yes setup a wiki.

  • I have to agree with Phil statement.

    Subjustion: I think it would be good if k2 forum have a search topic area instead of people clicking through all the threads, just to save time. Hopefully many of you agree with me on this.

  • I thought the K2 forums already have a search. It’s not too good, though. I always have to type exactly what is written somewhere or I can’t find anything that I’ve lost track of. Like I was looking for the Performancing Metrics thread, but kept getting no results when I searched for “Performance Metrics”. I finally decided to manually dig through the forum and found it and saw it was “Performancing”.

  • Props to Chris and Podz for getting this sorted out at this level. We are all part of WordPress, but the support forums on are bursting at the seams. Keeping K2 questions here is the best solution for K2 users, but should rightly not be the ONLY source for help for a WP-based project like this.

    As for the wiki, well I was heavily involved in the WordPress Codex at one time. It can be a very useful tool, but it certainly has its limitations. Codex is also bloating to the point where it is hard to find information. That is likely a result of poor search capabilities and perhaps some other technical issues. It’s sure not because of lack of community effort, because the WP Codex wiki has a lot of very dedicated contributors. That said, I think there is such a thing as “too much” information and IMO the Codex is approaching that.

    It’s as though the community is afraid to put limits on the length and breadth of the contents.

    As to the topic at hand, I again extend my appreciation to Chris and Podz for doing the right thing-talking about it and not simply having a flame war that would do nothing except tear down both the K2 and WP user bases.

  • I’ve been through the entire k2 Tag on WordPress support forums, and after thoroughly perusing the same, I could learn that K2 users asking for support are rudely responded to, in almost every case.

    There were a couple of questions which were very K2 specific – left by newbie users, but there were also a great many generic queries which dealt with PHP code and CSS, just that the people asking them were K2 users.

    That the people requesting for support have the gall to ask for support on WordPress Forums (while K2 has its own support forum) seems to irks those guys a lot. This is regardless of what kind of question is asked – either a very K2 specific newbie question or a question which mainly has a solution in CSS or php which could apply to every theme. Just mention that you use K2, and they go kaboom!

    The bloke by the name of Moshu makes it a point to mention that K2 is not only a theme, it’s a modification of WP – you could read this on the main page of the “thing” you are using., every time a user mentions using K2. IMO he is being exceptionally rude.

    Plus, what he is saying is does not hold at all ever since WordPress moved to version 2.0. In fact, K2 was the first theme to have its own options and it was revolutionary enough, then to be called a modification. Folks at WordPress got inspired by K2Options.php and standardized the whole deal with functions.php.

    Post, WP 2.0 every other theme has a functions.php with custom code. The “K2 is not only a theme, but a modification” simply does not hold now. I’m not sure what this guy’s problem seems to be.

    I fail to understand the rudeness on the part of the guys at the WordPress Forum. Chris, it is not as though no generic WordPress support was never provided at the K2 Forum, or that this is something new we need to do. There has always been support provided for wordpress, in an extremely polite manner at both Binary Bonsai and K2 forums. At least that is what I’ve seen.

    It would be a good idea for us folks to keep a tab on the K2 tag at the WP support forums, and try to answer generic php/css queries, before moshu gets to people and spurns them away. Secondly, thank you for making this post. There needs to be an awareness on the part of the K2 users, as to where to go for what kind of help.

    I think a good way to attract attention to the K2 forum is to use the Feedlist plugin and have the last 10 topics at the k2 support forum appear in the sidebar of using the support forum’s RSS feed

  • It really is absurd. If someone asks about rolling archives, then yes, they should be told that k2 support takes place in the k2 forums, but that’s not what’s happening. People are asking how to change the page background color in k2, and they’re being told to f off

  • I agree with Vulturo for the most part. People like to retain ownership of their projects and if something better comes along they can be defensive. I’m not saying that is what is happening here, but I know it has happened to me in other circumstances in the past.

    I think a good way to attract attention to the K2 forum is to use the Feedlist plugin and have the last 10 topics at the k2 support forum appear in the sidebar of using the support forum’s RSS feed

    An addendum, perhaps also add the 10 most recent support requests tagged with K2 at the wordpress support forums, or some such type list. So that help can be provided easier to new people using K2 and wordpress as well.

    Dialogue is good!

  • Agree with the addendum

  • Since I was the one who wrote that posting – it was already linked above – I just wanted to drop a line about my personal feelings: I felt quite a bit embarrassed being treated like a piece of K2 shit.

    The whole WP community owes Mike an awful lot – without Kubrick being the default theme in WordPress it would not be where it is today. Kubrick had also been more than just another theme at its time.

    And the question that I asked made clear that I was simply looking for help in the WP community simply because of its greater reach.

    Therefore, I found it inappropriate to close the respective thread. Even if I understand that the WP support folks have enough work to do with their own stuff.

  • Hey Thomas,

    After talking to Podz, he was upset about the way you were responded to as well. That was innapropriate not matter who you are and who you support. The main aim of this missive was to identify the problem, take steps to address it and ask our users to keep thier tempers in check.

    Podz and the other mods over at the WP support forums do a thankless job, and we should be doing what we can to support them, not tear them down.

    I appreciate everyone’s willingness to step up and take some responsibility for resolving this, you guys are a great user community.

  • Hey Chris,

    you’re absolutely right. Let us bury the hatchet (in fact ther hasn’t really been one) and all do our best to make K2 and WP better. Even if they are the best already. In their respective leagues.

  • I’d been wondering if this would ever come up after seeing some of the rather abrupt posts mentioned by stumbling upon them. It’s not always easy to find theme support for new people and in general it’s tough to find the appropriate place to be for anything really these days on the net. Diving into WordPress can be very complex even without themes and modification, but this sort of stuff should be common sense simplistic to resolve. New users will find the WP forums before finding the K2 forums most likely, anything K2-specific should be addressed simply by being redirected to the forums here with a link (in a friendly manner).

    Also everyone should keep in mind that all this stuff is maintained by people that not only create these wonderful things we use but then volunteer their time to support it. The K2 community is a wonderful one and projects like these need to be supported by a friendly community. People new to this spirit and mindset don’t necessarily get it right away so they need to be treated gently.

    Hopefully this is already a non-issue, but I thought I’d add my comments anyway. Oh, and as an aside, as far as themes go K2 is much more accessible than most others imo even without any coding knowledge and plugins are usually what causes issues but that is usually fairly regardless of the theme used. I also find the WP forums to be unintuitive and inaccessible as well as never knowing what documentation, etc. applies to 2.02 still and what’s become replaced/deprecated by now. Though it is frustrating as a person jumping into the game rather late (2.0beta), I don’t expect anything of the WP helpers/developers and I sincerely hope they understand most of us in the community appreciate all they do (for free, to help others) rather than feel we expect some type of service from them.

    When information is free (as it should be), people are usually happy to share what they know to help others as long as they know the favor will likely be returned by others when there’s something that they need to know more about. The trouble these days is usually just finding the proper places to exchange such information amongst the muddled search results and tag searches. Tracking down proper places can be tiring enough let alone registering for all of these seperate places in order to help out or maybe just ask a quick question. I start to yearn for the days of Compuserve after a while, hehe. I hope we can return to some form of earlier simplicity and efficiency some day, but for now perhaps we can just work on making better connections internally and going from there. I’ll try to help out with what I can on the Wiki asap.


  • As long as we continue to think and act as a community, both K2 and WP, we will work our way through all of the inevitable misunderstandings like this. We can’t get caught up in the emotions of everything and run amok with rants and such. Yeah, it can get frustrating, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect, but reading text responses on a public forum can’t show us what motives, if any, a responder has.

    We just gotta roll with it, and lead by example. The WP forum is a good community that is struggling to maintain some kind of control on a huge number of support requests. The moderators (I used to be one there) also look after watching out for spamming and flame wars and do what they can to educate support users to make the experience as painless as possible for everyone.

    Like the K2 Kommunity, it’s all about volunteering and doing what you can when you can and in all of that, there’s always going to be the occasional conflict. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?

    Time to move on to the next topic, eh? SIDEBAR WIDGETS! Go get the plugin at Matt’s site right now and integrate them into your favourite flavour of K2! :)

  • Why not force a bit more cooperation between the two communities? All k2-questions in the wp-forum move to the k2 forum – for example. Maybe automatically by tags or something else.

  • can u please add support to upload and configure a header image in the dashboard?
    great theme
    thanks odin

  • Greetings to Michael and Chris!

    I installed the K2 Beta Two r167 mod on my newly deployed SEO site running WordPress 2.0.3 found here:

    Isulong SEOPH

    Honestly, I am new to WordPress but not to PHP. I came across different themes and stumbled on K2. I love its complexity hiding in a slick and a simple layout. However, I am having problems on sidebars of different sections. The sidebar only appears in the main blog page. Is this a bug or is intended for a reason?

    I nearly want to tweak the sidebar.php but I am hoping that there is much an effective and easy way to show the sidebar on all sections.

    Thank you in advance for a positive response.


    Jonathan Discipulo

  • I don’t know if this is the place for suggestions or bug tracking. I found out that K2 is not escaping blog titles within the title tags in the comment section. Example:

    …a href=”/blog/post” title=”This “title” should be escaped”…

    Those apostrophies wrapping title should be escaped like:

    …a href=”/blog/post” title=”This 'title' should be escaped”…

    or escaped to any HTML entity for XHTML compliance.

  • Oops, I’m sorry if I can’t edit the post. But I’m sure you guys get my point. It should be escaped something like:

    …a href=”/blog/post” title=”This &quote;title &quote; should be escaped”…

  • i am using 3 column version of k2 , plz tell me how to upload header picture

  • I haven’t been following this, it’s the first time I’ve heard of K2. I’ll look around the blog to see if there’s more information about K2 but it sounds like it’s popular.

    It’s a great idea to offer WordPress support in your forums if you expect or want them to help you out- nice solution.

  • I haven’t looked into this theme yet, but apparently it’s very popular if you need a support forum for the users. Looks nice, I’ll have to add it to my plethora of themes.

  • For simple bloggers like me without any basic knowledge on coding, K2 is really confusing. But we can’t help it as almost all hosts upgraded their scripts.
    Hopefully, with time we will see things become simplistic.

  • Thank you for being available for wordpress, there is nothing more annoying that being told to look somewhere else for your answer, especially if its a simple question.

  • Hey i am using 4 column version of k2 . Best regards

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