Style Info now in SVN

Dudes and dudettes, I can’t wait to unleash the next release of K2. We’ve got so much cool new stuff for you boys and girls to play with. Just a little longer now…

In the meanwhile, let me tell you about a great new feature for all you K2 style authors out there. By way of Steve, we’ve implemented a piece of code which reads the info in your custom CSS file and throws it in the footer of the site using it. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can even customize the output… Yes, pretty snazzy.

Style authors should be aware though, I’ve added one more option to the info at the top of CSS files. This is of course updated in the sample.css and vader.css (which is in need of an overhaul) that come with K2. Nonetheless, this is what it looks like now:

Author Name :
Author Site :
Style Name :
Style URI :
Version :
Comments :

So make sure you update your styles so they’re ready for the next K2 release. Peace out.

19 Responses to “Style Info now in SVN”

  • This is sick! I was wondering how I’d give credit in the footer, and now I can do it without all that messy editing. Thanks so much! Can’t wait for the next version to be out. ;)

  • I’ve updated my theme info thanks for the advanced warning

  • Well, I look forward to the next release to play around with. Hopefully you added new function within the theme. Good luck and thanks…

  • sounds great… gonna make a good style )) tnx to developers

  • You’re doing great things for the WordPress community; I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • I love k2. I use on my site.

    How next plug feauture I wish that it can count every click on links…

    it’s possible ???

  • Hi Christopher,

    thank for your replay. I already know that plug and I have already tried several times to install it, but with no success. !!!

    I’m not expert of php, and sincerely, also follow step by step that instruction I can’t really install and use that plug.

    Btw, thank you a lot for your info about. Very very appreciated !!!



  • I have updated the Silk icon set used by K2, you may be interested in including the newer feed icon in your next release (it has been moved into line with the feedicons ‘official’ image)

  • Hi Mark,

    thank you they are fantastic !!

    Really a god job ! Infinite thanks

  • Michael, this is good news. But, it lead me to check what version of K2 I was running. I notice that I’m running r167, and this site is running r185.

    But the download page seems to offer only r167. What gives? You holding out on us? Or is r185 the SVN version that I’m not nerdy enough to use yet?

  • Just a small note: the style credits WILL NOT work on a host that has url_fopen() disabled (*cough* all Dreamhost servers cough). I’d be of the opinion that the methodology for parsing the user-provided .css files for credits needs to be revisited prior to a release to make it url_fopen()-safe

  • Hi, I love K2,

    I have tried to install on my blog test and I really like how it work.

    just for curiosity, there’s any way to make one version theme to music / dj ?

    Would be very nice.

    I can send money with paypal to anyone can make me a nice theme with K2.

    btw, great work. for real !!!

  • Hi Guys

    Just thought I would say a big thanks for the theme – new to this blogging stuff – but cobbled together a K2 site for a little project I’m starting…
    (Here’s wondering if I can manage to keep up with K2 , never mind the project!)

  • What’s happen at : ?

    I still receive this 403 page

    You do not have permission to access this document.

    Why ?

  • Hey Dj Mitch

    Are you really a Dj, If so, what kind of music do you mix. You should design a logo for your blog from photoshop. You could use the K2 theme and tweak it that suit you best. It isn’t that hard to design or code if you have the time for it. Anyway, good luck out there.

  • Hi Ron,
    I play several music styles… Check my update list of mixes

    I will try… but if you have any idea, tips or sometimes else to help me, because I’m not a good designer…

    btw thank you fro your comment.

    I will install next k2 release… for sure !


  • Alright, there’s an excellent forum for you guys to use :)

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