Style Info now in SVN

Dudes and dudettes, I can’t wait to unleash the next release of K2. We’ve got so much cool new stuff for you boys and girls to play with. Just a little longer now…

In the meanwhile, let me tell you about a great new feature for all you K2 style authors out there. By way of Steve, we’ve implemented a piece of code which reads the info in your custom CSS file and throws it in the footer of the site using it. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can even customize the output… Yes, pretty snazzy.

Style authors should be aware though, I’ve added one more option to the info at the top of CSS files. This is of course updated in the sample.css and vader.css (which is in need of an overhaul) that come with K2. Nonetheless, this is what it looks like now:

Author Name :
Author Site :
Style Name :
Style URI :
Version :
Comments :

So make sure you update your styles so they’re ready for the next K2 release. Peace out.

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