Monthly Archive for March, 2006

WordPress Widgets

The Automattic guys have released their Widgets Plugin, which thanks to Matt is already support in K2.

It’s been a while since our last release, which means you’ll have to get it out of SVN if you’d like to play around with it. Hopefully we’ll have a new release for you soon.

Support for K2

Recently there was an incident on the WordPress Support forums, where a K2 user asked the broader WordPress community for an assist with a problem that person was having. This request was met with a less than amiable response, which in turn led me to seek out the WordPress Support Maven, Podz to discuss what had happened, and more importantly what we could do to ensure future exchanges will be much more positive.

Podz and I had a lengthy discussion where we each voiced our concerns and hopes for the future; in this conversation we came to some basic conclusions:

  • K2 is much more than your average theme, it is a mod (as Mike and I labeled it almost from the beginning) and as such is probably not the easiest theme for a new user to try and online viagra install. We are always doing our best to make it a simple, easy process. Currently however, the code is in beta, which means bugs and changes.
  • Currently the support personnel over at the WordPress Support Forums are not adequately equipped to support K2 users, which is no fault of their own. Rather, the people who are familiar enough with K2 to offer real support are going to be here on our forums.
  • Historically and for various reasons the support for Kubrick (before it was integrated with WordPress that is) as well as K2 has been moved away from the WordPress forums. While this has brought about a pool of indepth knowledge for K2 it has had the effect of reducing the spread of that knowledge in the forums. This is unfortunate, but a fact of life. We must make a concerted effort to move past this, for the benefit of both K2, and WordPress.

The Good News

Thankfully each of these points, are easy to address; in fact they are actively being addressed right now. What we would like to see happen would be the following:

  • We here on the K2 support forums field not only support questions for K2, but also we try and answer any WordPress related questions when they come up, instead of simply telling them to check the WordPress Support forums. If we expect Podz and crew to help us, then we must be willing to reciprocate and help them; it is only fair. For this purpose, we set up a WordPress-specific set of forums when we first launched
  • Those of us who are confident in our K2-foo should try and participate in the K2-related threads on the WordPress Forums. This will allow for people to be helped, and the support personnel over there to get up to speed much faster.
  • People on both sides should remember that we are one big community, not two warring factions.

So yeah, that’s it for now. Let us know (as always in a civil tone) what you think/how you feel in the comments.cipro generic

Style Info now in SVN

Dudes and dudettes, I can’t wait to unleash the next release of K2. We’ve got so much cool new stuff for you boys and girls to play with. Just a little longer now…

In the meanwhile, let me tell you about a great new feature for all you K2 style authors out there. By way of Steve, we’ve implemented a piece of code which reads the info in your custom CSS file and throws it in the footer of the site using it. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can even customize the output… Yes, pretty snazzy.

Style authors should be aware though, I’ve added one more option to the info at the top of CSS files. This is of course updated in the sample.css and vader.css (which is in need of an overhaul) that come with K2. Nonetheless, this is what it looks like now:

Author Name :
Author Site :
Style Name :
Style URI :
Version :
Comments :

So make sure you update your styles so they’re ready for the next K2 release. Peace out.


We’ve got ourselves a new SVN server up and running, marking the last of the previously widely outspread resources that has been moved to this domain. If you’re unsure what SVN is, then this message isn’t for you, and you should move along.

For those of you who do know what it is, how to use and and last but certainly not least, how dangerous it is, the address is:

Be aware, that if you go on there now and get the latest version, we’ve made some changes in the structure of the files.

Do not expect everything to work when you get from SVN!

Forward Movement

I just wanted to give a quick update to all of you chomping at the bit for new features and bug fixes.

The dev team (Mike, Zeo and myself) have been quietly squashing bugs, and working on features while we wait for the transition to to finish.  Once our svn migration is complete there will be a flood cheap viagra canada of commits, and I am assuming, a release.

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Thanks for your patience during this transition, it is going to be a great thing in the long run for us, and more importantly for you, the user.