Welcome to K2

It’s been my intention to create a K2 dev blog for a long time now, but for some reason it never really happened. Well, thanks to the crew at Media Temple, K2 finally has a real home.

The effect of this is two-fold. On one hand it’ll be easier for both seasoned as well as new users to find what they need instead of having to dig their way into the recesses of my blog. And secondly I can finally segregate my personal (and quite inane) banter from K2-related stuff, which should make both me and I my reader happy.

So what’s the plan then?

Well first of all, the bug tracker has been moved onto this server. I’d like to thank Steven Owens for lending us his for the past many months.

And with that, Chris, Zeo and myself would like to welcome you to K2′s new home, put up your feet.

PS: We’re working on getting a new community forum up and running. Hopefully within a day or so.

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