New Community Forums

And so I also got around to launching the new community forums, powered by vBulletin, graciously donated to us by Adam Dorrell (thank you!). I updated the license so we could get the latest version for some of the money donated by outstanding members of our fantastic community.

We had some money to spare, for which I bought a Mint license for, so we can keep an eye on it. The rest of the money will go into a pool for future endeavors, like competitions or something.

Now go pop the cherry on the forum!

15 Responses to “New Community Forums”

  • The ‘support forums’ link still has to be updated. :-)

  • Congrats on getting the vBulletin license.

  • The forums look great! As I said on my post there, vBulletin will be a great thing for the dev community and for those looking for help.

  • Never doubt my powers of prognostication every again!

  • wow, a lincensed vBulletin. congrats.

    i hope you create a k2sh theme. lol

  • A big thank you to Adam Dorrell. Also goes to the donaters.

  • 2 requests:

    1) Can you put a link to the forums in the menu of the blog? Once this post falls off the page, how will we get there?

    2) What about putting a list of recent forum posts into the sidebar? Is that too tricky?

  • 1) Look to the sidebar :)

    2) Currently, yes. I don’t know how. But I’ll look into it.

  • A couple of things

    1) The link to the forum on download page of getk2 is pointing to the vanilla forum.

    2) Perhaps you could run a competition to design a new skin for the forum. Anyone could enter and submit a skin, for vBulletin and then we could vote for the best one with a fabulous trinket for the overall winner. This would mean a range of skins would be available. Allowing the K2 Gurus to focus on k2.

    3) I hear things about new version of k2 181 according zeo. I gather these are only available via SVN is this true? Will they be available via other means?

    atb – S

  • 1) Fixed, thanks :)

    2) That’s not a bad idea at all.

    3) We’ll package it up for download as soon as we’ve stabilized the localization stuff for sure. Should be soon.

  • Your forum won’t let me sign on. It sasy something about a bad referrer or something. I’m tring to take the comment options out of my website but am not seeing where to remove them alltogether, either in the code or in the options. any suggestions? The people i’m making this site for using k2 don’t want the comment options.

  • I’m late to the party but wanted to thank all those involved with the forums for providing them to us, especially blogging newcomers such as myself.

  • nice to have another domain dedicated to K2. :)

    but about the forum… i was really warming up to Vanilla. that’s some great forum’ing right there. :lol: :P

    can i ask – why did you switch to vBulletin? just curious, Vanilla seems to be alot less cluttered, etc.

  • Vanilla lacked a whole bunch of features and was buckling under the 400 members. It’s great for minor communities, but it was getting hard to find what you needed on there.

  • I agree “Seth” request… if can add Forum into page link that will be better… becoz now i’m having this problem… i don’t know how to add my forum into the k2 template…:) if got any good news please sent me a email!!!:)

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